Student Spotlight

As part of our geography hour, the “Les Tigres” class has have been working on various themes that allow them to explore different territories of the Francophone world, their culture, and their physical characteristics. This aligns with the objective of the “École des Copains,” which aims to enrich their general knowledge and nurture their curiosity.

In the months of February and March 2023, the children focused on New Caledonia. The goal was to understand the connection between New Caledonia and France over a four-week period, and to discover the biodiversity of this overseas territory, which is not widely promoted. Through photos, video clips, and discussions, the children have discovered the immense richness of this volcanic archipelago, as well as the current issues related to the preservation of its marine ecosystem. Amongst other things, the children have understood the repercussions of human activities on coral reefs. They have learned how mass tourism, beach pollution, and fishing methods in the sea degrade these underwater jewels that house, let’s not forget, nearly 25% of the marine life on our planet. As part of this four-week project, the children have created posters with the objective of raising awareness among users of the New Caledonian coastline about the harmful consequences of human activities on coral reefs. The children have been highly involved and have produced beautiful posters that reveal their understanding of such a complex yet fascinating subject.