2024: The cocoa project

The students of the Tigres class (aged 11-13) explored the ins and outs of a chocolate bar: from cocoa cultivation to the various stages of chocolate production, including the transport of cocoa beans and fair trade practices. In doing so, they discovered a new vocabulary (such as pod, fermentation, drying, roasting, grinding…) which they were able to reuse during classroom discussions.

The study of chocolate helped raise awareness among students about cultural diversity and allowed them to virtually visit various Francophone and Anglophone tropical regions, such as Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, etc. It provided an opportunity for them to broaden their minds by learning about different cultures and to develop empathy around themes related to land overexploitation (pesticides), child labor in cocoa plantations, and the worsening living conditions of cocoa producers. Thus, the children gained a better understanding of fair trade and the necessity of recognizing social and economic inequalities in the world.

The project concluded with a presentation of their work and a small chocolate tasting followed by a quiz.