Join Us

Why join us?

There are many benefits for parents and children alike. 

For children

  • Being able to speak more than one language greatly enhances a child’s confidence
  • It provides a broader range of future job prospects
  • The ability to relate to family and friends in their parents’ home country
  • Awareness of their cultural identity
  • ​It’s fun!

For Parents

  • Getting support in facing the challenges of developing their children’s bilingualism
  • Preserving their families’ culture and identity
  • Getting to know other expat families who are in a similar predicament of being far away from their traditions and family networks

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​If you would like to apply, complete the application form.

Who can join us?

Our lessons are aimed at children aged 3 to 18 who live in families where children have regular and frequent exposure to French and therefore have a more than basic proficiency in the language. Given that classes are conducted entirely in French, children who do not have that level of exposure to French would find the classes very difficult to follow.  The school is open to all families where parents wish to improve the fluency and confidence of their children in French as their second mother tongue. The charity also runs activities for anyone who is interested in the issues of bilingualism and multilingualism. These events are open to all.

Application form

​If you would like to apply, complete the application form.